Thursday, March 22, 2007

Love Bugs

The kids and I were just wrestling on the floor and once we stopped the boys both started picking at my arms and cheeks. I asked them why they were pinching me. Caleb told me they were love bugs and Ian added that I was getting love bug kisses. They then both proceeded to tell me that they loved me and I was their favorite! I am sure I will no longer be the favorite once Daddy gets home, but it was music to this mamas ears!



Love this story ... I love hearing kids and momma/daddy stories. My wife feels your pain. She's always been the boys favorite till they got to be about 3-4 years old. Boys just connect with their dad.

Neva said...

cherish those times--there will come a time when you are not their favorite but then they will come full circle and they will love you as the very best again. Then, they also will have children of their own and you get to be their very favorite--that is way cool!
Thanks for sharing your happy story

laura said...

What a precious story! I so feel your pain about the "Daddy"itis though... this morning I thought Nathan was going to lose his mind as his daddy left for work. I was thinking to myself (although Gary does above and beyond what most men do...) now who's the one who takes care of you around here :) But I am so thankful he loves his daddy as much as he does. Everytime we start to go upstairs here at home Nathan starts yelling "Da... Da... " like okay, I know you're up there, come out and play :)