Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Web Drawings

It was time for the kids to take a nap, or in Caleb's case have a rest time, and I split the boys up. Caleb in their room and Ian in ours. Now in the past this has worked to my advantage- Ian has goten a much needed nap and Caleb rested or slept. I put Ian in our bed, moved all the books, pens, water, tissues, and anything that could possibly cause damage to the room or harm to Ian. Thinking I had put them in a safe spot, left the room. About 1 1/2 hours later Ian comes downstairs and I notice that his veins are looking rather dark and large. As he gets closer I notice that there are different color lines on his body. Apparently I didn't place the pens in a high enough area and he decided that he would be spider man and make his own suit. I go upstairs, cannot find the pens anywhere, thankful that there are no pen marks on the walls, sheets, furniture (see previous posts) and then notice there are tissues everywhere, books scattered and the laundry basket overturned by the bookcase. My inventive child ..... ;) One day I am sure I will find a way to put things where my climbers cannot reach them.

oh by the way, I found the pens and a neatly scribbled upon book in my dresser drawer this morning.

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lisa leichner said...

Oh my!! Kids are so clever sometimes. My kids enjoy writing on themselves too -- last week we took them to a friends' while we went on a date, and I had to warn her not to get scared by all the lines on Derek's & Jeremy's legs, as they had been drawing on themselves earlier that day & I hadn't gotten it all off. It looked like a lot of dark veins too. I also found a new book today that had pen writing on it -- haven't yet found the pen that Derek used, that stinker.

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