Monday, April 02, 2007

April Fools

After an amazing service, celebrating Palm Sunday. we went to lunch with Jason and Leah. As we were eating, Leah proceeds to tell me that they found out the hard way that what I said was true, that the nursing BC is not fool proof. I seriously thought she was pregnant! But then I find out it was April 1st! I usually don't fall for them, but I had no idea it was April Fools Day. So props to Leah for giving me a shocker and a good laugh!

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Neva said...

April Fools is my husbands favorite holiday, too. In fact he wanted to get married on that date but I balked at that. He is the minister here in Spearman and we live in the church house. Yesterday when we woke up there was a big for sale sign in a front yard with the church phone number on it--and then the elders asked for a special elders/deacons/preacher's meeting---all a part of their April Fools joke--