Thursday, April 19, 2007

My Thoughts/Ramblings

I have purposefully not written my thoughts about all of the devastation over the last 5 days I think because I needed time to soak things in and meditate on them. My heart goes out to the families of those who were lost in the shooting and those who will now live with physical and emotional scars. Being a teacher myself, that is one of my worst fears. I applaud the man who gave his life for his students, I feel the pain and hurt of his family now that he is gone. Watching the media coverage and seeing the faces of the students haunts me. I really had to quit watching. Many people are looking for answers. Many will not get any. Many want to know where the blame lies. Does it lie with the school, the shooter, his parents, the police? The list can go on and on. I cannot find fault with any of the people mentioned, except the shooter. I cannot blame his parents. I will not blame them. They raised their child the best they could and then let him out into the world to live his life and make his own choices. Not only are they dealing with the loss of their child, but they are dealing with what he has done. The nation is now asking them selves again, what are we doing wrong? Why are these things happening? Have we learned nothing in the 8 years since Columbine? I feel all we have learned is how to skirt the truth, and how to play the blame game. What then is my response as a Christian? Pray. Speak. Teach. Love. Hope. I have to be Christ to those around me- To my family, friends, neighbors, students, etc. My prayer is that we learn, truly learn, that we cannot lay the blame on others, but that we have to take action to make our world better. To get our feet and hands "doing", our actions and mouth "speaking" ,and our hearts and minds "teaching".


Neva said...

Only satan is to blame--I think the shooter even suffered from mental illness. He looked so tortured and sounded so filled with rage and hate. Made me sad, too. I have had to quit watching also. Sinful behavior cannot be my focus. I am with you--we have to start doing right--being righteous. Thank you, friend,

lisa leichner said...

No news on for the last two days here at the Leichner household. And I want to keep it that way ... even if my curiosity is absolutely DYING to know what was in the package.

Thanks for your good post, Marie.

Lindsey said...

So true - thank you for sharing your thoughts. All that matters is that we as christians continue to have faith as small as a mustard seed and that we show love to those around us - how else can we make a difference in this world?! I too have turned the t.v. off.