Monday, April 23, 2007

Prayer Request

Last week sometime, many of you might have read a post with a similar title. I removed that post, because I had not asked permission to post about that certain topic. I have spoken with my friends and they have requested that I re post our request. There are new updates in this post as well.

About a week ago I received an email from a good friend that his sister-in-law was attacked in her NY apartment. She was assaulted, beaten, burned, bound and left to die. All of these horrendous things lasted over a period of about 17 -19 hours. (I am unsure of the amount of time) As her attacker left, he set the futon on fire. She was able to escape by using the fire to melt the cords. She is currently in stable condition at a near by hospital. She suffered severe 2nd and 3rd degree burns on her body, and some trauma to her eyes and liver. She was very meticulous in watching her attacker, so much that she was able to give a complete description of him to the SVU. Her attacker has been caught and is awaiting his arraignment and trial. This week she will begin undergoing some skin grafts to repair the 3rd degree burn areas. She is in a lot of pain as they begin to heal her burns. If none of you know the process, they have to scrub the burned area to help with healing and to prevent deep scarring. It is very painful even with pain meds. She has showed so much courage over this last week- facing what has happened head on. She has openly talked about it to family and the detectives that are working with her.
I ask that you lift this young woman up to our Father. Pray for not only her physical healing (as there is a lot to do), but also for her emotional healing. She will be left with physical reminders of this attack- pray that God will use these for good and that Satan will not keep her trapped. Pray for the entire family. Her parents are with her and I know that one sister has returned home. I will try to update as I get them. I will not release her name or give specific details. The Lord knows her and he will know who you are praying for.

Father we lift this family up before you. May your peace fall on them like rain. May you continue to be her strength, her guide and continue to grant her wisdom. YOU are her protector and constant companion. Help the family, LORD. Help them to heal as they help their daughter/sister to heal. Guide the lawyers and the judicial system as they bring charges to face this man. Pierce his heart, Father, that he may see his wrong and come to you. We trust you and know that you will sustain us.

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