Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Other news and pictures

Over the weekend we got to spend some quality time with Matt's parents, his sister and brother in law and their daughter Kaitlyn. There is a picture of Kait and Riley playing together. The last time we saw our niece she was not quite crawling. Riley was pretty darn excited that her cousin could now move! So now the baby proofing really begins in the Clement and Stewart households! Linda and I laughed at how the kids always go for the things they are not supposed to have (TV remotes, plugs, outlets, cords, etc.), but isn't that just like us sometimes? It just reminds me that we
are all still learning how to proof our lives! When we got there Linda had this huge fruit tray with this really ( I mean REALLY) good dip. Talk about addicting. But the funniest thing was that as we all devoured it, Heather was feeding Riley grapes. She dipped one in the dip, handed it to Riley, who decided that the dip was great, but not the consistency had her Aunt feeding her one grape after another. So now my child is a dipper. She also loved the strawberries in there. Paw paw held her while she gnawed on a few whole ones. That is one thing my kids are pretty good at is eating
their fruits and veggies. On Saturday we went out for Lunch and it started to SNOW! There were intermittent flurries all through lunch and later in the day. It gathered on the sides of the roads, but never stuck. Linda, Heather and I went to Archivers in the mall. Let me tell you- that store just sucks you in! It is the biggest scrap booking store I have ever seen. I am starting to get into the scrap booking and stamping scene. I think it will be a really neat thing once I get into and am able to put some really neat things together. While I looked around with Heather, the boys played on a tugboat in the kids center outside the store (inside the mall for those of you who were worried I had the out in freezing temps). It was a lot of fun. The weekend trips my be crazy and even thought there is never enough time to do all the things we want to, they are so nice to have every now and then. I am glad that we are closer so we can make more frequent trips up to see our family. **On a side note, please be praying about Matt's parents house hunting. I know they are starting to get an itch to find a home and move out of the apartment. There are not to many options in the area they want. Please pray that God will give them an insight as to where he wants them to go. **

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Lindsey said...

I just looked at all your previous posts and pics - looks like you guys have been very busy!! Glad you had a good Easter with your family!! We'll be praying about Matt's parents hunt for a house.