Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Our Easter

We got back home on Sunday evening and we thought about giving the kids their Easter baskets from us then. But I decided to wait till Monday after they had gotten all their energy and candy out of the system! So last night we let them have their baskets. I found some metal ones that I really likes at Target. The boys love to play with them and the previous baskets had all gotten broken or ruined. I figured that metal would be the way to go. They got some candy (of course), PJ's and a car. The boys had found their spider man toys that were supposed to go in the baskets about a week prior, so they got them a little early instead of in the baskets. Riley loved her purse, but was not quite sure what to do with the My Little Pony.


The Preacher's Household: said...

Hi Marie!
I have been catching up on my blogging and thought I would venture over to your site. I really like the metal baskets - looks like you could use them for lots of things.
I have heard lots of good things about studies with Beth Moore books. I am curious what denomination you ventured to that would have lots of people with different backgrounds. I am very interested in uniting with other women just to study the Bible. I know there are MOPS programs around, but I have never been in one. I would love to be part of a group like that, I hope you are able to get the most out of it and feel comfortable opening up. Sometimes there is a reason to being quiet, lessoning and taking things in. I must admit, I am not good at that part.
I am glad I found your site - your kids are cuties!

Marie said...

I am excited that you ventured over here. I have such a conglomeration of things on here that at times I think it assaults peoples senses! :) My hubby and I grew up coC. Since our move to Nashville, we have had difficulty finding a church that we can feel and be a part of. We are visiting a Christian church right now and we love it. It's background is coC, but there are Baptists there and I think a few other denominations there as well. WE love that they fellowship with ALL churches. Every Sunday we get a new church to pray for and there is always something going on within the community at our bldg. I attend Bible Study at Hermitage church of the Nazarene. They open their study to the community and there are women from all backgrounds there- unchurched, Baptist, Christian and ladies from that church. It is neat to talk with them. I love it because we are all part of the church, just different bodies.