Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Hubers Farm

While we were in In we got to visit Huber's Farm. It is a completely wonderful place that is way kid friendly. This farm is amazing and so much fun. There were several ponds with ducks (which Riley is not a fan of quacking ducks!) and koi fish. We spent some times feeding the ducks after lunch and then went into the Barnyard area. They have a barn with rope swings, a huge slide, a feeding area along with several rides. We went on the wagon ride and were able to feed the goats. They saw us coming and run up to the wagon and tried to get in the wagon while we were feeding them corn. Then the boys rode the Cow Train. They took barrels and painted them like cows, but wheels on them and pulled them with the golf cart. They even have little mound in the field to go over. The kids had a blast and wanted to stay longer, but we had to head to the Petting Zoo....

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures as usual!! What fun we had! Thanks for taking time to share this wonderful moments.