Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Petting Zoo

After playing at the farm we went down to the Petting zoo. It is next to the winery and is beautiful. Once we got inside there are tons of pens with Goats, llamas, alpacas, turkeys, deer, chickens, bunnies, and a lot more. The goats have the neatest thing. As you can see if the first picture they are walking down a ramp. This walkway and ramp set goes all over the place and allows the goats to come and go from pen to pen as they please. There were several kids there and we were able to hold one of the littlest kids. Caleb help him, but Ian was not to sure. So I held it and Ian and Riley both petted him. They also had holes in the fence where the goats would stick their heads out to get some petting time. Riley was NOT happy about that and it freaked her out some. They got to feed some deer and then we found the bunny pen. These rabbits were the funniest things. There is a picture of one of the rabbits that was so excited to get some food. He would put his paws up on the fence and tremble them. The kids fed the ducks and chickens, but Ian got his finder nipped by a duck and from there on out- ducks were bad. It was a wonderful close to a fun filled day.

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Neva said...

Sounds like fun---hope your Mother's day was a happy one.