Thursday, May 17, 2007

A Dusty Morning

We enjoyed the nice cool air in the morning and had lost of fun!

Caleb helping Riley ride the bike

My handsome boys (and their shirts describe them so well)
In case you can't read the t-shirt:
I tried to be good, but I got bored

Our chalk art (I drew- they colored)
Copying Mommy's art


Kann said...

I love those shirts!!!!! Oh I so need those for my boys!

Marie said...

target baby! Heather found them and had to get them. They had a few others that I really wanted too

The Channings said...

How does Riley do on a tricycle? Shelby has the shirt Riley is wearing, and the shorts if they're this year's Target Circo brand.

Neva said...

Too cute. I am going to get my five year old granddaughter and my three year old grandson for a couple of weeks while their mama has a new baby. Do yall want to come over and play?


laura said...

what a good big brother to help riley... and amen to the idea that every little boy needs one of those t-shirts, because in the land of boyness, it's so true!

Marie said...

Riley does ok. She really only sits on the trike and someone pushes her. Her feet are not long enough to reach the peddals yet. As long as someone is pushing her, she is plum happy. We love target! 99% of the kids clothing comes from there.

Marie said...

Neva- we would love to come and play! How long of a drive would it be to get there? :)

Lindsey said...

Hey there! I just got caught up on all your posts and you guys have been busy!! The petting zoo looked like SO much fun and the chalk art is just beautiful...have you guys ever used those chalk kits that come with paint and rollers?...we got one of those a few weeks ago and my 3 year old LOVED it - I bet your kids would too!! Well, glad you guys are enjoying the nice weather outside - hope you had a great weekend!


You have absolutely beautiful kids.