Monday, May 21, 2007

Ian's Birthday weekend

This past weekend Ian went to my parents house for a birthday treat. That left us with just 2 kids! How nice it was. We went to the Louis Palau CityFest Downtown. It was a lot of fun. Caleb got to do the family fun zone and see Veggie Tales and 321 Penguins. There were blow-up activities and several art projects. There was a ton of food, too. Before the Action Spots demo, we all got Hawiian shaved ice and got our seat. It was really neat to hear bout the skateboarders, BMX bikers and Motocross men who are doing all of this for God. They go around, touring and competing in national events speaking about God. Caleb and Matt got right upfront for the events and Caleb LOVED every second of it. Needless to say he now wants to do Motocross. We all came home really tired and a little pink. The neatest thing was that the total event (minus Food) was free. We didn't stay to hear the artists-I don't think the kids would have done well standing in a humongous crowd to listen, but they had a lot of good ones preforming.

It took Caleb a day to get used to not having Ian to play with, but he enjoyed his mommy and daddy time a whole lot. Ian comes back today and we are really excited to see him and have him home. Grandma and papa hope to let all the kids have a birthday weekend from now on as part of their present to them.


Neva said...

Hope his birthday was a happy one!


Anonymous said...

Man, Ian gets the whole weekend as a birthday- NICE! Hope all is going well there, been praying for the sped job situation. Your family as always is so cute, I love the boys shirts. Keep being the great parents that you are.