Wednesday, May 02, 2007

What's He doing in there?

The other day the kids and I were singing some Bible class songs and Caleb asked me a question that I just had to share. As we finished up Jesus Loves Me, Caleb said "Jesus lives in my heart". I smiled and said that's right. He then asks me "what is He doing in there?". I had this mental image of what he was thinking: Jesus all scrunched up in his heart just a sittin' there. I got a real big smile on my face and told him that was a real good question. We talked about that when he was happy that Jesus was happy too and that when he was sad that Jesus was there hugging him and helping him not to be sad anymore, when he was riding his bike and having fun, Jesus was there riding on the bike too, enjoying His time with you. Then came the big one- that when he felt like doing something mean or wrong to his brother, Jesus was the one telling him not to hit or push- to do the right thing and to love Ian. Caleb thought about it for a while and then stated "Well, sometimes Jesus wants me to be mean to Ian. He tells me to." So then comes the delicate subject for a 4 year old that that is not always Jesus telling him to do that. Sheesh- talk about getting heavy with a 4 year old! But after our talk Caleb seemed satisfied, and was happy that Jesus did things with him.


Neva said...

I remember those conversations with my boys. Always interesting how their little minds work. I was always grateful that I did not have to explain who Jesus was. Several of my foster children came without any knowledge of God or Jesus. That changed the entire conversation. You are a good mom, talking to your kids about this stuff.


Children teach us so much about life, love and God. Aren't we SO blessed?

Loved the story. He's a smart boy.

lisa leichner said...

Oh yes, gotta love it when your 4-yr-old says that God or Jesus told him to do something bad. My 4-yr-old is in that phase right now. He also says things like, "God wants Derek to share his toy with me." etc.

I'll second what Neva said, you are a good mom.

Michelle said...

Wow Marie. I am really impressed with your answers! I hope I will be prepared when mine start asking these questions!