Monday, June 04, 2007


Last friday I celebrated starting my 29th year of life! How crazy is that? It was rather uneventful, but much fun. The kids had drs apointments (stats later) and then we met Matt for lunch. Not the most exciting thin since downtown is extremely crowded and somewhat non-kid friendly, but none the less it was nice to eat with the hubby/daddy. Then the kids and I headed home for naps and bubble play. For dinner it was pizza and cinnamon sticks. Then a movie with the family. The kids and my hubby gave me a gift card to top it all off. As simple as it was, it was a good way to celbrate getting closer to the big 3-0! :)


The Blessed One said...

Happy Happy Birthday Lady!! Don't worry, you've got so much to be proud of for being on this earth only 29 years!! I'm glad you had a good day with the fam! Sometim es that in itself makes for a perfect day huh?

malia said...

Happy Belated B-day :D