Monday, June 04, 2007

My Growing Children

At the kids check-ups we got some interesting results. Riley is still tiny (go figure!) and Ian has leveled out. They both did real good. Riley is still in the 9th %tile, while Ian has moved into the 55th %tile. Riley still has some lingering fluid on her ears so we will be seeing an ENT here in the next month. Caleb is going to see an Audiologist around the same time to double check his hearing. Since he had tubes for so long and every now and then will request for us to repeat something, we thought it might be worth checking out. Ian on the other hand will be re-evaluated in November as far as intonation. He speaks pretty good, know lots of things, but his intonation is off. Hopefully it is just age and he will grow out of it by November. If not then we will head it off early and get some help.
In other news Ian is doing real good at potty training. He has not had any accidents in a while. We are still working on aim occasionally. He still wears pull-ups for nap and at night. The only issue we have is he is not to thrilled to poop in the potty. Hopefully I can find a neat incentive to get him to do it. Caleb is now night potty trained. We are really excited! So is he, although I think he kind of misses the cars pull-ups! :) I think that is pretty good for a boy. The experts usually say that boys will night time train between the ages of 4 and 7. So for him to be doing it at 4 1/2 is really good. Not to say we won't have relapses, but we are on the road to diaper and pull-up freedom!

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The Blessed One said...

AJ just had his 1 year checkup and he's still in the lower percentiles too. He only gained 2lbs from 9mo -12mo. He was only 20lbs at this checkup. The child eats like a horse too!! Anything he can get in his mouth is consumed. He's very active so that's what we're chalking it up too. Plus he's still following the curve, he's not dropped or anything. He's 20lbs and 28 inches long. He may not be a line backer but he could still be a running back right??? Glad to hear the kiddos checkups went good. I'll keep the hearing issues in my prayers. Hopefully everything will pan out with that.