Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Scrapbook pictures

I was asked to post my pages that I have completed in the scrapbook. I was trying to get them in a slide show so everyone wouldn't have to scroll down, but I am having trouble- so maybe next time. I have a few others started, but don't have them complete. I think they are pretty simple since I have just started. But I like them. I'm sure as I scrap more that I will get more extravagant and artsy :) So here is some pages out of our family scrapbook:

Our wedding page
Caleb's birth page
Ian's birth page
Riley's birth page
I have pages planned for our AR time after we got married through now. I have a feeling I will be scrapping forever and may not ever catch up. I think I should have started this earlier. I have found the neatest tool though. I love having mats on my photos, but they can be troublesome getting the picture straight and then getting the mat even. There are these rulers called perfect layers. Stampin' up has them and you can get them on QVC too. I don't have a set yet, but plan on getting them.


The Blessed One said...

Oh, Marie,
They're beautiful!!!! You've done a GREAT job for being your first ones!!! You should see mine. They're pitiful up until the baby was born. Then I started learning how to get artsy fartsy. You've always had so much talent though.
Love ya,

Marie said...

well thanks! My MIL scraps and is REALLY creative. Compared to hers, mine are pretty basic! Maybe once we get together we can scrap together. I am hoping we get an Archivers store here. There is one in Louisville where I go when visiting family. It is so neat! www.archiversonline.com

laura said...

What a great job! They look beautfiul! You have so much more patience than I would have, and it has paid off :)

Heather said...

You have done an excellent job. I can't wait to see the pages in person!!! You are doing a great job! love,

lisa said...

I started scrapbooks for each of my kids. My oldest's looks great, my second looks pretty good, and I have yet to come up with more than 2 pages for my youngest! It gets harder & harder to find the time. Your pages look awesome!!

Shannon said...

Now you're talking my language! I love them! I started an album for Sophy which turned into 3 (she's only 21 months and I'm already 8 months behind!) and I started one for Lola. My delimma now is to do two pages for big events for each child's book or to do a family album and let them fight over it when I die? Hmmmm. I wish we could scrap together!

Shara said...
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Kann said...

I love them! Awesome!

Amy said...

Gorgeous! I am too afraid to start for fear I will add more stress to my life trying to keep up. My blog is my cop-out scrapbook:-) You've definitely got talent!