Wednesday, June 06, 2007

VBS: 6:30-WHAT?????

We have VBS this week and I must say it is taking a toll on all of us. Matt and I are Crew leaders at Avalanche Ranch, while our boys participate and Riley plays with her little friends. We arrive at 6:15 to get our tags and bags, then drop off the kids in time to get to our area to meet our group o fkids. Y'all I have NEVER been to a VBS that lasted till 9! By the time all the kids in our group get picked up, we get our kids and get in the car it is 9:30. Then we drive home and have the kids in bed by 10 or 10:15. By the time we get things cleaned and are ready for be it is 11 or later. Then Matt has to be up around 5 for work. The adults in this family are feeling the fatigue. I think the kids are starting to also. Don't get me wrong- we love VBS, and the kids have so much fun. But I am happy that we only have tonight and then tomorrow night and we are done!


Indie said...

I thought that our church was bad starting at 6 and going until 8:30. We live close enough to make it home by 9 (an hour after bedtime), but the kids are so wired on the crap they've been fed and the excitement that they can't sleep then they spend the next day grumpy.

I'm in charge of the 2-5 year olds. Actually the 1-5 year olds since they failed to get a person to staff the nursery. When I asked the day we were to start the director said, "You don't think people will bring their babies do you?" Um, considering that me and my husband are involved do you think that we're going to pay a babysitter? Hello. And we have an adult program so of course people are bringing their babies.

And did I mention that they failed to get me an assistant? I had 11 kids Tues. night and had to beg for help.

We had a smaller group last night when we took them to the station being run by the director and he actually kicked us out early because he couldn't take it (and his activities were totally age inappropriate. He wanted 1-5 year olds to compose a song.) It was hilarious. He couldn't handle the group he stuck me with for 20 minutes.

Thankfully Phil is taking this week off before pursuing a summer job so this very tired pregnant woman has been able to sleep in. But I'm considering doing harm to the VBS director.

Thanks for the opportunity to rant. I'm also eager for this to end. What happened to the good old days when you dropped your kids off during the day and came back loving the church because they had given you a free day off?

lisa said...

I have had plenty to rant about in the past, but this year our church is doing a really great job. We have new people running it. Our VBS will go from 6 - 8, because we were trying to avoid the late night, but it is really hard to fit everything into 2 hours!!

Indie, if you are in a position to do so, I would recommend taking notes on VBS this year and sharing them with the director to use for next year (save a copy too!). It sounds like you must be part of a big church (having 11 kids in your class on the first night, wow!), so I'm surprised the program isn't running better, but hang in there. ... And try to change it for next year!! :)

Marie said...

Since we are still visiting this church, we had no idea how VBS worked at all. This is the first time we have been some place that only does things for 2-13 year olds. Teens help out and the adults drop them and leave them. Kind of nice if you are not working- gives you 2 1/2 hours to do things just as a couple (unless you have an infant). I think too that Matt has 5-6 year olds and I have 10 year olds so it is a whirl-wind adventure with our ages and having to get into it at the end of a long day. I do good while I am there, but CRASH when I get home.

I am so sorry that you don't have any help in your room, Indie! If ours wasn't at the same time as yours I would come help you. Let me know if there is any thing I can do- seriously! I'll keep the girls for a while if you need me too!

Indie said...

This was the first year that our church had done VBS in several years so there was a lot of inexperience. It did end up going well overall. Our church is not really big, but I ended up with a five year age span while everyone else had a two year age span. One of the groups only had two kids in it the night that I had 11. I'll make sure that they know better next year. Most things were age inappropriate for the youngest set which made it difficult to keep them from getting bored and acting out. Next year the folks in charge be getting a lot of advice and I won't be leading around the young kids. It's crazy to put a mom in with her own children.

Marie said...

AMEN! Matt and I always try not to be in our kids classes. It is hard for them to see me with other kids and not give them their usual undivided attention