Friday, July 13, 2007

Family Camping

Every year Matt's family goes camping some place nearby. This year since we are now in TN and live by a campground, they decided to come here. So the kids, Matt and I didn't really camp- we stayed at our house. The campground is only about 5-10 min from our house and right on the lake. We had a blast swimming and spending time with family. The guys went fishing out on a boat (no not ours!) and enjoyed it. Here are some pictures from our time:

This last one is of Caleb swimming with his life jacket. I haven't been able to get the kids in swimming lessons this summer and will shoot for next summer. I bought the life jackets for swimming and going out on the boat. By the end of our day at the lake, Caleb could swim (doggie paddle) all by himself. Of course someone was always near by, but he was doing great. Riley finally let me take her out and had so much fun that she wined and got Matt's Aunt JuJu (judy) to take her out. Ian was pretty content to play in the sand and wade into the water about up to his knees. So it was a good introduction to our Florida trip. We shall see how they do in the ocean!! :)

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The Blessed One said...

This just looks like the best!!! I know the kids had a blast.