Friday, July 13, 2007

Inside the Opryland Hotel

While Matt's family was in town, we hit the Opryland Hotel. I had never been inside and I have to say it was absolutely beautiful. Walking around the gardens and seeing the beautiful flowers and waterfalls was great. The kids loved looking and touch the flowers and the water. Matt and I are planning on taking the kids back around Christmas time. They have an amazing display of ice sculptures and lights.


Kann said...

What a great family photo! Isn't it fun to spend time with family!

The Blessed One said...

It looks like you guys have been haivng a GREAT summer. These are memories these kids will remember forever!!!!

Dawn said...

Oh, I love the family picture! And the flower! What a cool thing to go see. It amazes me that there are people that have no desire to do things like this with their children and family. And would rather spend time in bars or "hanging out". I never knew such fun until I had children. And I know you feel the same way. As K-Ann said it is WONDERFUL to spend time together as a family.