Monday, October 08, 2007

The Battery is Charging

As I wait for the battery to charge so I can download all the pictures, I thought I would do a small update since in my effort to be a better blogger, it has been one week since I wrote something. But hey at least it was only one week right? This last week has been one of doctor appointments, getting "car things" done, a quick trip to Louisville, and spending time with the kiddos. After 2 days of running all over Nashville, I now have my car tags correct and current though, so it was all worth it. Riley had her ears evaluated by the hearing specialist (audiologist) and by the ENT. It was determined that she was unable to hear certain decibels due to the fluid on her ears, and since she was other wise healthy we get to have tubes placed. What little girl does not know is that the day after her 2nd birthday, she goes in for surgery. But hopefully we will get it all resolved with one shot. I will be taking Caleb in to the same ENT and Audiologist in a few months to have his hearing checked. We have noticed he is always asking us to repeat what we have said. The audiologist did a quick fluid check on him and he does have fluid in both ears, so we may have to go the tubes route again with him.

This last weekend I went to the St. James art show in Louisville with my MIL and SIL. We had a blast. It was a little rough since it was so hot, but especially on Heather since she is now in her second trimester -YES SHE IS PREGNATE AGAIN!!!!!! I can now tell the world since she is past the first trimester. So far she is doing well, a little more tired than last time (expected with a 1 year old). While there, I took some really good pictures of Heather. So as soon as I get them on the computer I will get them up here.

This week we are getting hair cuts (pictures to follow since this will be the "first" in a salon), dentist appointments and errands for our FL trip. I feel slightly guilty since I will be missing a week of school to go to FL. Matt's whole family is heading to Mexico Beach for a week. We knew when I started work that the dates didn't work out for when I was on my break. I know my students can handle me being gone, but I am still and dealing with guilt. Anyway, I'll head in tomorrow to get all the stuff ready for the sub and to get a note on the board to the kids so they know what is going on.

Well during nap today I will get some pictures up here and try to get as many as possible throughout the rest of the week. Thanks for being patient, I'm sure no one checks the blog much anymore, but maybe they will come back after I get some things on here.

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Kann said...

Congrats to Heather! I cant wait to see all the new pictures!!!!