Sunday, September 30, 2007

Bigger effort to be a better blogger

I haven't posted much lately, so in an effort to get back into the swing of it, I will be posting a ton this week. Of course it helps that I have my 2 week break right now! :) The kids are doing great and are pretty excited to have a few weeks off. Of course about half way through this week I am sure they will be asking it go back. After we get back from FL, the kids will be starting at a new daycare. It is still in Wilson County, and still part of the school system. They will be at our local school. My Principal's wife will no longer be at that school and will be working primarily out of Lebanon, so it made sense for us to swap preschools. So now the kids will not have to get up as early, Daddy will be dropping them off so mommy can get to work and get things done since I will have to leave when school gets out to pick them up on time. They will also get to move into Kindergarten with their friends from around here. The only down side that I see, is that they are now 30 min from me and the same distance from Matt. SO that will take a little time to get use to. But hopefully, I will find a job closer to here.

Well check back sometime this week for pictures, updates and lots of fun stuff!


Michelle said...

I know you have been busy but I am so glad to hear you will be posting again. I have missed your posts! I look forward to hearing about your family!

The Blessed One said...

I am SO SO SO glad to see you back! I have MISSED you!!! I think about you all the time. I can't wait to catch up on everything that's been going on!!

Love ya,

Amy said...

Welcome back to Blogland! You were missed:-) I'm glad you are getting a well deserved break!

Kann said...

Okay so were you just jonking with us? LOL! I havent seen any new posts! I hope you had a great week off!

dee said...

Good to hear how things are going. And good to see some pics of you!