Sunday, September 09, 2007

Deeper Still- The Event

All I can say is - WOW!! I had an amazing time and experience this weekend. Linda, Heather and I were blessed to be able to sit at the feet of 3 women that the Lord has blessed with his word. Not only was I rejuveed (as my kids say) and uplifted by Travis Cottrell and the praise team, but the messages that were preached kicked my hiney in gear. Friday night Priscilla Shrier spoke to us and I was blown away. I have never heard her speak, but if I get the chance again- I'm grabbing it. She spoke about the anointing of David and our anointing. It was powerful and really made my heart ache for that passion. I decided that my Reima word was trainer for the weekend. Even Beth and Kay's lessons reinforced "trainer" into my memory. I need a trainer. I need the Lord's help to train me and to teach me how to hear him, how to find him and how to grow closer to him. On Saturday, Beth and Kay kicked it up a notch and re-kicked my hiney some more. By the closing of Kay's time, my heart was full and overflowing with knowledge. Now I just have to connect it with my life.

If you ever get the chance to hear Priscilla Shrier, Beth Moore or Kay Arthur- GO! You will not be disappointed. Know my words here do not even get you to the tip of the iceberg of it all. I cannot express it at all. The more I try the more I realize, I just can't.

The only negative things about the conference, was the way some of the women acted. We got there fairly early and everyone had formed lines. Once a large group of Ladies formed and tried to blend in with the front of a group, everything went chaotic. There was mass pushing as you tried to get in the doors, people hanging on to 20 others who were knocking you to the floor, running into employees at the Somet Center and making rude comments, all to get the best seats on the floor or to save a large number of seats for a group. It was so disheartening to me to see that this is what unbelievers say out of a group of Christian women. It made me feel that half of the women there just wanted to be near the speakers, to be able to say "they were this close to ....". I hope that my observations were wrong and they just wanted to be settled to hear the work of God, but you could have done that from anywhere in the center.

But among the chaotic craziness, I felt the Lord move in my life and spur me on in my quest to an authentic relationship with him.


Andrea Manor said...

I was at the satellite location and really enjoyed it, too. We didn't have the mass pushing and chaos you described, how sad! It was truly a blessing to hear the wisdom spoken from these women! I also enjoyed the concert by Mandessa and hearing her story about what happened on American Idol behind the scenes. Did she sing at your location?

Anonymous said...

that is cool you got to hear those women...the denver woman of faith conference is taking place next weekend, but I will not be able to go. However, I am really glad I have a Beth Moore Bible study to go to on Thursday nights now. glad school is going keep loving those teenagers even though they can be a pain in the buttocks at time.

Patty said...

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Jen said...

One of these days I want to hear Beth Moore in person, because I have loved her studies and hearing her on video. Glad you got to go, and that it was such a good experience.