Sunday, October 21, 2007

Funny thing just happened on the way to....

a clean diaper. Riley was slightly stinky, so she laid down for me to change her. Imagine my surprise as I open her pull-up to find.......Chick-fil-a mint wrappers stuffed down there!!! I started laughing so hard. Earlier that morning she and Caleb had found the mints that were left over from our "we just got home and I am not cooking" meal last night. Caleb was stuffing them in his pocket, and apparently since Riley didn't have any shorts on and there are no pockets on her pull-ups she thought this spot would work. I love my daughter!


TexasNeals said...

HA! molly beth did that one time w/ money! silly kids. ya gotta love em! :)

Neva said...



The Blessed One said...

Too funny. Thankfully, at this point, AJ only finds willy when the the dipe is off. Once it's back on, it's forgotten. I wonder how long this will last though????? Good to see you home safe and sound.