Sunday, November 04, 2007

Thought and Rambles

Tonight as I was typing up an IEP (yes, I brought work home with me- but I did it after the kiddos were in bed and Matt was watching the Dallas/Eagles game- no one got jipped!) I started thinking that I hadn't blogged in a while, so here I go. (by the way- I don't recommend thinking about blogging while you are working on a document that is evaluated by the state. It took me a lot longer to finish since I had to re-check things to make sure I had them right and didn't type about blog thoughts!!)

It as been a busy week for me. I had several "explosions" in my room at the enc of the previous week that carried over into this week which made for a few Advil days. We also had Halloween this week- which as you know we didn't get anything done that day or the next due to the sugar rush and upset tummies- and we had a field trip on Friday. We took our students to the Zoo and I think it went real well. I paired up my students with my EL's (exceptional learners- seniors that take a course in my class to help with peer tutoring, and learning how to work with students that have disabilities) and they really liked that because: a) they weren't with a teacher all day and b) they blended in with the "crowd". Then at the pep rally that afternoon, I along with 19 other teachers did a faculty pep squad routine. It was BLAST!!! I really hope to post it on here soon. Several people recorded it, so maybe I can get a copy. The students went crazy. Coming from a school that didn't have sports I have really had fun at the pep rally's! Matt laughs at me, but I really enjoy them and get into the whole clapping and cheering thing! :)

On other news we have been visiting a new church. It is a small community church that is meeting in the school that our kids go to. We really like the preachers messages, but are not sure that we will continue to go there. They are about a year old and seem to still be struggling a little. We visited a nearby church of Christ and enjoyed it. They are in a transition time (looking for a new preacher and working on heading in a new direction) but the people were all friendly. I guess we are still struggling with the whole "do we go with a more conservative church where we know we will have the "fellowship" that we crave or do we try to step out a little and just try and make it." I struggle with it daily. It is an inner battle that I cannot seem to shake. We will visit a place for a while and enjoy the worship and messages but never feel "at home". I loved Levy's way of bringing people in and making them feel welcome. I really miss that, the potlucks, the closeness. We haven't seen that here- well coming from the visitors side. I'm sure if we could just crack into a "clique" we would find that, but there in lies the issue- Breaking through.
Perseverance- I keep telling myself that God will lead us to the place he wants us to be, but I am beginning to waver in that stance. It has been a year since we have moved into our home, and we are still church "homeless". It is just hard not to have people over on a regular basis who have a love for Christ. I mean Matt and I both work with people that we get along with and have become friends with. I have several at my work that are Christians, but due to distance, don't hang out with them as much as I would like. We would really like to stay close to our community, so we can work in our community, but it seems that we may have to go outside our area. Please continue to keep us (me) in your prayers in this area. I never realized how big of a struggle this would be. I know that there is a Master plan at work, but I am struggling to hang in there are have the faith that moves mountains. I am sure there is a lesson that I am supposed to learn, and I really hope I do and that I learn it well. Thanks for letting me rant to you all reading. I figured it was typing or crying my eyes out! :) Typing is more therapeutic!

I am going to get the kids pictures posted in their Halloween costumes up soon. We had a blast, and the kids really enjoyed it. I'll blog about that later.


Regina said...

Marie, I can relate so much to what you are saying. Levy still holds a special place in my heart, and it has been over 4 years for us. It took me probably close to a year before I didn't get emotional just thinking about it. For us, we have never found another Levy, and we are seriously considering making a change in churches because where we go seems a lot farther away now that we have a little one to cart back and forth. It has come close to feeling like "home" at times, but yet it doesn't. Anyway, I know how you feel, and I will be praying for you and your family to find a place. Oh and I can relate to taking work home too! I don't do it until Kerensa is in bed either. : )

Indie said...

This is a huge problem for this city, especially our side of the city. I have no advice except to say that you guys are not alone.

Amy said...

Marie, big picture idea here, but have you considered possibly starting your own church in your neighborhood? Not to say that is what you are supposed to do or anything, it just came to mind as I was reading your blog. Anyway, just a thought, and not a simple matter by any stretch of the imagination. We'll be praying for God to guide you to the best church home for your family.

Lindsey said...

Marie, Chad and I can relate to the struggle your family is having. For us, we finally had to find where God could simply use us...after moving to Savannah we just couldn't find a church that felt like "home", so we found the one that fit us best and dove right in! We felt God calling us to serve and that is how we put our roots in. We never really felt like the church there became our family (aside from the obvious that they were our christian brothers and sisters)..., but I will say that God taught us so much about what it means to have a servants heart and what it means to give without expecting much in return. God puts us in places like the one ya'll are in for a purpose...just pray God will show you what it is you need to learn - it sounds like you're already doing that though! I'm not suggesting that the lesson God taught us is the same lesson He's trying to teach you guys...every situation is very unique...I just wanted to share what we learned from our experience. I also want to encourage you that this too shall pass....we now live in Jax and have found the church for us! God taught us what we needed to learn (which was a blessing in itself) and then blessed us with a true church family! I'll be praying for ya'll!