Monday, April 28, 2008


We had company over a few weeks ago to visit with Brett and April Emerson while they were home on furlough. One of the couples, Amy and Charlie had a newborn son and Riley was completely IN LOVE with this child. She wanted to hold him and started at him. She rubbed his head for a little bit and he fell asleep. She kept looking at me and Matt and asking if she could have one. It almost- ALMOST, made me want another one, just to see her do that again!

The boys got their summer cuts about a week ago (I know, I'm late in posting pictures. I posted the b-ball video before these!). They had been begging to get their hair cut like Daddy's, so we finally gave in. They love their new looks. They went to Lebanon with me on a day they all had appointment's, Rebecca (a great friend) about died, because she loved their hair. She always wanted her boys to have Ian's hair. There is a picture below that has both boys hair in one pile- let me tell you- it was massive!! Riley was not too happy that she couldn't get her hair cut like the boys. I am struggling with getting it cut. I love how long it is, but I know she wants to get her hair cut so bad. I may try to cut it around the time she turns 3. I suppose it has to happen at some point! :)

My boys new Do's


lisa said...

This is so hilarious. I am currently working on posting the pictures of my boys' recent haircuts. I EVEN took a picture of their hair on the floor and when my husband saw that, he made fun of me. So I decided to leave it off my post. (o; I guess Moms everywhere think the same way! 2 of my kids didn't have such drastic haircuts but my second son's hair was really long and decided to get a "summer cut" too.

Michelle said...

They look so handsome! I LOVE their haircuts!