Thursday, May 29, 2008


There has been a lot going on in the Clement household lately. With the end of school drawing near, we have been pretty busy. I am ready for the summer months where I can spend devoted time to my husband and my wonderful kids! We have enjoyed playing outside and on one such occasion, we received a visit from an interesting friend. The kids had come inside for a water break and I happened to look out the window and saw a pretty large turtle coming into our yard. Never missing an opportunity to teach, :) , I grabbed my kids and led them outside to look at the turtle. As we got closer I knew this was not a huge box turtle. He lowered his head and was real still. Then I saw the tail- that was all I needed to think it was a snapping turtle- a huge one at that!! So I sent Caleb inside to get Matt, and we tried to figure out what to do with it. Wile Matt kept the kids inside, I went to our neighbors and asked her if this had ever happened. She and her children came out and we all decided that we would get him in a bucket and take him to the large lake nearby, rather than the pond at the front of the subdivision. So Matt got the bucket and I decided to pick him up from behind to get him in the bucket. Let's just say that it was confirmed that it was definitely a snapping turtle and he hit the ground HARD!! Matt prodded that sucker in the pickle bucket for what seemed like forever and I promise I have never heard a turtle hiss and snap so much. Once we got him in Matt and Ray, another neighbor, went and dumped him in the lake. Now when we drive by it the kids look for the snapping turtle. (on a side note, when I came back over with my neighbor Amy, Riley freaked that the turtle was going to eat me and about busted every ones eardrums inside! Protective little thing!) Here is a portrait of our not so mice friend...

One of my projects that I tackled was getting rid of the evergreen bushes in front of the house. Two of them had died and Linda had come down and dug them out for me. So one day I went and bought some plants to put in and give our yard some color. They should fill in nicely as they grow. So far, they have made it for a month and a half and I haven't killed them. I think that is a record!!

A new favorite pastime in this house is playing Rock Band. Matt and I have so much fun with it and the kids have enjoyed it too! Caleb is really good at keeping up on the drums. Ian strums great, but hasn't gotten the buttons down- to far to stretch. Riley sang twinkle, twinkle to Smashing Pumpkins- It was classic! :)

There will e more updates to come. I have my last full day tomorrow, and graduation tomorrow night, but I will try to get on here and post more pictures from Caleb's preschool graduation and from Ian's birthday. I also have some pictures of the students I taught this year. Have a happy Friday!


Neva said...

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Marie, Happy Birthday to you!

Hope it is beautiful!


MelissaT said...

I hope you enjoy your summer. YAY for being out of school!!!