Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Pre-school Graduation

Warning: Lot's of pictures ahead- I couldn't narrow them down :)

Caleb had his graduation from Pre-school about 2 weeks ago. We had a great time and enjoyed watching all the kids. Caleb was the only one from his Learning Center this year, but next years class will be bigger. They had a little song with actions that they did and then each director got up and said a little speech and then handed out their diplomas. They also had a really neat slide show with pictures of the kids through the years. Caleb only had pictures from this last year since it was his first, but they all looked so cute. It was a little on the sad side, since he will be starting Kindergarten next year (!!!!!), but I am sure that he will have a blast. I saw flashes of him graduating HS and then college during the ceremony. I have to admit I got a tad teary, but I didn't loose it.

*The graduate
*Mrs. Sabrina (his teacher) and Caleb
(We LOVE Mrs. Sabrina!!)
*In His Cap (we got to keep the tassel)
*Mommy and Caleb
*Walking to his seat
*Waiting for the introductions to be over
*Motions of their presentation (Stinky diapers if your wondering)
* I couldn't get everyone in here the kids extend off the ends

* Caleb getting his diploma
*Congratulatory hugs
*Daddy, Caleb and Mommy
* Official Pre-school Graduate
* The Grandparents

It was a fun time and to think that we will be doing this the next 2 years is exciting. Can you believe that he will be in Kindergarten? CRAZY!!!!!

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