Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Ian's Birthday Party

We celebrated Ian's 4th birthday on the 24th of May. We did a Star Wars theme (surprise, right?), and he loved it. we had a bunch of kids there and it was pretty chaotic- but we loved it. We had a pinata and blow up light sabers that the kids enjoyed. I think the pinata was a hit although it took a few of them a little bit to get into grabbing the candy. Ian had a blast and we look forward to all the joys that being 4 will bring!

*Nana and Riley (Nana was the director at the daycare that the kids attend)
* A few of the attendees
*Family and Friends

*Burning some energy
* Getting the Darth Vader Pinata ready
* What do we do with the stuff that fell out??
* The loot
*Future Jedi knights

* The cake (no I didn't make it this year- I couldn't find the correct shaped pan I needed in stock and Kroger so graciously did this one for us)
*Ready for the candles
*Singing Happy Birthday
*Wonder what he wished for?
*Riley and Halen sneaking a taste

*Opening presents
* You can see Matt jumping up from the couch. That is because Ian is holding a real t-ball bat and he was ready to swing that sucker to show how he could do it.
*Playing with the toys
* Getting ready to hit
* The home run hit that won the game.

Ian had a wonderful time and we thank everyone who came to celebrate with us!


Lindsey said...

How fun!! Thanks for the email letting us know you're updating more....I'm kind of in the same boat that you've been in over the past year as I'm transitioning back in to work...it's definitely more difficult to find time to blog! I'll make sure and check yours more often now though. Glad ya'll had such a find time at the birthday party - I loved the pic of the girls swipin' a taste of the cake - too cute!

Jessica said...

Marie, the party looked like so much fun! You guys are so great. I love that you are blogging and I can keep up with you and read about the kids. I can't wait to see you guys in a couple of weeks. Hope you are doing well.