Thursday, June 05, 2008

Goodbye Blue Room

Well, I started out my first year back to teaching in a small room that I painted blue. It was an old Home Economics dining room, that had some really, I mean really ugly wallpaper that was not coming off after being stuck on there for the last 20 years. Matt and I painted over the wallpaper joyfully and it turned out amazing. Calming, yet bright enough to keep the kids up. As you can tell by the post, I am leaving that wonderful room. I will be moving into a portable for the next year. I will be painting yet again this summer, but there will be much more space than before. My students will also be changing as they move up into a transitional class. I will have freshman, sophomores, juniors and seniors this year. It was decided that we would break the students up according to ability, and I have the students who are required (by NCLB) to take the gateway exam. I will mainly be teaching to that exam and the skills needed to take the exam. I took some pictures of my students that I wanted to post. They made my first year back exciting, trying, fun and exhausting at times. My 2 aides are Mary (in the blue floral print shirt) and Percilla (Ian calls her Mrs. Percilly) in the plaid sleeveless shirt in the last picture. They are wonderful women and I was very lucky to have gotten to know them.

(The lady in front of the basketball poster is an Exceptional Learner (a typical student who takes my class for a grade and learns about the different disabilities and how to interact with people who have disabilities))

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The Blessed One said...

Good grief girl!!! You don't look much older than your students! I've loved all the new posts. I sure have missed them the past few months. I'm glad you have a little while off before the hustle and bustle again. I look forward to more posts on your little ones. They are so precious. You're such a great mommy and you have such a beautiful family.