Monday, June 09, 2008

The Monkey's Tree House

Last week, the kids and I went with some Friends to a new indoor play area that I had heard about. Marcie and her daughter, Halen joined us along with Rebecca and her 3 kids, Jackson, William and Thomas. (Marcie, Rebecca and I all work at Lebanon together. ) Let me tell you- this place is awesome. For my 3 kids to go in, it was a little over $22 and it was an all day pass. you can come and go as you please and the kids didn't run out of anything to do. There are chairs and couches all over so parents can just sit and relax while you can see your kids playing. There was a huge sandbox in the middle, 2 big tree houses, a fishing pond, dinosaur table, knights table, train tracks everywhere, art are, general store, stage area, dress up area, kitchen area, magnetic are and an area for those children under 2. It was so much fun. The kids hung out in the sand box, most of the time, but ventured out occasionally. They have already asked to go back, and I think we will be visiting a few more times. It is over in the Bellevue area, which is about 45 min away from us, so we can't go often, but it really is a good idea for those really hot days!

* The sand box (Riley's favorite part!)
* Dinosaur table
* The fishing pond (there were wooden fish with magnets on them- Ian had a blast)
*Bigger view of the sandbox- the table in the middle had funnels that led the sand out of the trunk

*The knight table
*Thomas climbing the rope ladder
*Caleb and Ian on one of many rope ladders
*Sandbox again (do you see the trend?)
*Ian peeping out of the clubhouse window

*My little monkey
*William in the laundry/kitchen area
*Long view of the tree houses
* A sample of the art area
*General store

*Ian in the dress up area (Gee what a surprise- a star wars mask)
*Inside the general store
*The magnet area
*One of 3 train areas
*Again- you guessed it - the sandbox

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