Thursday, November 13, 2008


Matt's Dad has been moved to the inpatient rehab center. This is good, as he is able to start physical therapy and speech therapy. Linda is getting trained on the therapy techiniques and how to care for Lee once he is home. We still have a long process, but these are a few of the baby steps that we are taking. At this moment, there are decisions to be made for further care after rehab and work (early retirement or return). We are having to make plans for every possible situation. I know that Linda is overwhelmed with everything and I believe the reality of what we are looking at is starting to sink in. We know that God can work wonders in Lee's brain and we are as hopeful as ever that he will make a full recovery, but still- making plans and thinking about all the different situations can be draining.

We are heading up tomorrow after Caleb get's out of school and will be up for the weekend. Please continue to pray for Linda as she begins the long process of setting their affiars in order, for Lee as he makes progress and for Matt and Heather as they work with Linda for Lee's care and such.

I will post pictures of the kids soon. I know you all are wanting to see them!

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Melissa said...

Thanks for the update. I've been thinking about y'all. Be safe traveling!