Saturday, November 08, 2008

Update #2 on Matts Dad

Sorry I didn't get to you all earler. Lee had a successful surgery this morning. He went in about 7:30 and was done by 9:30. We saw him around 10:30.

The surgery went well. The doctor's believe it was just an abcess. There are still tests to be ran, but they don't believe it is a tumor. There is a lot of swelling on the brain and once that is gone they believe he will regain most, if not all, of his articulation and movement.

Thanks for the prayers.


The Blessed One said...

Praise God. Hope you guys are doing well. Try to get some rest!!

jennifer said...

What a wonderful answer to prayer. We will continue to pray for a full recovery. Thinking of you guys!

Leah Tomlinson said...

WOW!! Praise GOD for his mighty right hand watching over and taking care. Continued prayers as Lee recovers and that he will fully regain his speech and motion.