Friday, November 07, 2008

Update: Matt's Dad

Well Lee went down this morning for a MRI so they could map his brain and know where to go and not to go. He has been sleeping most of the day which has been good since I don't think there has been much in the rest department since Wednesday. It was a little bit of a rough morning, but is slowly getting better. He will undergo surgery tomorrow morning around 7:30 Louisville time. WE will be up at the Hospital early to see him before he goes in. I am unsure what was in the last update, so I will try to recount what we have found out in the last few days.

The infectious disease Dr. Is now leaning towards a mass infection in his brain (Abscess). The heavy duty drugs they have been giving him lowered his fever a little bit and that is hopeful. They will not know for sure until the operation tomorrow, but we are happy about that piece of good news. Hew is still having language issues due to the placement of the mass in his brain. He cannot remember the grand kids names nor any of ours. He can remember and say certain information such as Linda's name and his birth date. He mainly uses one word responses and there is about a min to 2 min pause before a reply. you can tell that he wants to say something, but can't get it out. He is aware of what will be happening tomorrow and I know he is a little scared. They are unsure about what kind of recovery he will have and whether he will regain his speech.

Hopefully sometime tomorrow I can post about the surgery and hopefully we will have good news. Thanks to all of you who have emailed or left comments. They are such an encouragement to us knowing that there are many prayers going up for our family. We TRULY appreciate them!!!!!


jennifer said...

Thanks for the update Marie. We are still praying. Thankful for the bit of good news. You guys hang in there.

The Blessed One said...

Thanks for the update. We will be keeping you guys in constant prayer. Tell Linda that prayers are going up for her too. I pray that God grants all of you the peace you need in your heart to get through this as well as grant the medical community the knowledge and skill they need to take care of your father-in-law. Love you!!!

Leah Tomlinson said...

We will certainly keep Lee, Linda and the entire family in our prayers. Let us know if there is anything we can do for you.