Monday, December 22, 2008

Caleb's Birthday

I feel a tad guilty admitting this but, Caleb's birthday snuck up on me! While at Lee and Linda's over Thanksgiving, I realized that Caleb's birthday was one week away! So once we got home, I invited a few of Caleb's friends from school over for a party. We prayed all week that some one would come. Well Saturday came and we had received a bunch on no's. A lot of people had things planned and some of the kids were ill. We talked to Caleb and explained that it would be just family, and he was fine with it. We went ahead and played some of the games we planned and he had a blast. We are hoping to have some kids over for some play time after the holidays. Anyway- he had fun and enjoyed having the grandparents there. I can't believe that my firstborn is 6. That is somewhat hard for me to digest. My youngest turned 3 and my oldest turns 6. He is growing so fast and maturing into an amazing young man. He is one of our pride and joy's and we can't imagine our lives with out him.

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