Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Thoughts along the way....

I love this time of year. Winter, the cold, snow, and Christmas. Christmas has to be my favorite holiday hands down. It has been as long as I can remember. When I was younger, it was due to the excitement of the presents and the anticipation of finding Santa in my home. As I grew, it became about family getting together and about decorating for Christmas. Now as I reflect back on what I perceive as Christmas I find that my reasons have changed yet again. Oh, I still love decorating. I love the feel of you home at Christmas, and I love the look of all the lights. I still plan on driving around with the kids tomorrow and looking for lights,and I have been baking up a storm today. Even thought I enjoy all these things, I have much more anticipation of things yet to come. I am so excited for Matt to be off of work tomorrow and Christmas Day. I can't wait to have time with us as a family, talking about Jesus and what Christmas is all about. I am so looking forward to attending the Christmas Eve service at our new church. I look froward to watching my kids as they open presents. I can't wait to see my husband smile as he watches the kids. This year more than ever, I am focused on my family. I have been every year, but this year it is different. I will take the time to soak it all in and truly, TRULY enjoy the noise and the closeness and the warmth that comes with my family. Then as the grandparents head in I will relish the time with them and spending quality time with each member. I will praise my God and Savior with my family in worship to Him. I will take these longings into the new year and set goals that reflect my creator and my family. I will still do 1 thing for me, but my acts of service will be for others. My husband and kids are the world to me and I will cherish every moment with them, use every teachable moment to help them learn about the One who created it all. I will be more intentional with my time and make sure I am using it to glorify Him. I will spend every day in the Word and I will pray before my feet hit the floor. I will spend time studying with my husband and my children. Yes, I will work on loosing the weight (hits the list every year), but I think it will happen this year. As long as I continue to place the previous said things as priorities.

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