Friday, December 12, 2008

The pictures loaded all weird for some reason, but here we go. Lee and Linda joined us for Halloween this year. We went around our neighborhood this year. The huge crowds didn't happen till we were almost home, which was good since that meant there were not as many cars. We didn't see too many scary costumes and the one that scared Riley, became her favorite one by the end. The kids racked up on the candy, which will be tossed soon! :) Enjoy the pictures

*Getting the glow sticks ready
*My princess, stormtrooper and power ranger
*Her dress light up all over the skirt
*Would there have been any other choice? :)
*This one surprised us- but he had so much fun
*After we got home, they helped me hand out the candy

*putting all their loot in their bowls to sort through
*Riley started off going up by herself with the boys- that was short lived after she turned around and saw a scary costume
*The first house

As a side note, this was the weekend before Lee was admitted to the hospital for his brain abscess. The following week, it was found and started the ride we have been on. Lee is doing so well now. He has been dismissed from one therapy and it looks like he will be dismissed from the other two shortly. It is a miracle that only God could have provided.

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