Monday, January 19, 2009

Changes are coming

I am going to be making a few minor changes here in the next week. I will be changing backgrounds and editing blog rolls. So be patient as it may change from day to day (not that many of you are still reading this check every day....but thought I would warn you!)

I will also be posting some pictures soon. I also have some updates that I want to post about and a ton of thoughtful things that I have been pondering. I will be updating more often too. I know most people don't check it often at all epically since I haven't been updating it. I made a resolution to update more often about anything going on or thoughts. So hopefully I haven't lost all of the few readers I had- come on by and you will notice better things coming off this blog! :)


Leah Tomlinson said...

I look forward to the new changes. Your blog is in my favorites list that I scroll down and check each time i'm on-line. Did you sign Caleb and Ian up for T-Ball?

Marie said...

Well- we actually missed both registration dates at Dick's, but I emailed Tony and we are going to get it done soon. Caleb will try out for PW6 and Ian will be in T-ball. how about Landon? He going to play this spring? I was thinking of having Riley start dance lessons, but I am going to wait and see what the boys schedule is or start in the summer.