Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Home for a day -YEA!!!

I woke up this morning with a terrible headache (the one that makes you cross-eyed and feel like you could die at any moment- that one), and the Advil was not kicking in. I don't have many days left, but decided to use one today. Matt took Caleb to school and he was so excited to be going by himself. He got up, ate breakfast and was dressed with in 10 min. That NEVER happens when they are all going. Then I got some quiet time before Riley got up at 7:30. She and Ian have played so good today. No arguing, fighting, tantrums.....nada. I have been cleaning since my headache has almost gone away, worked on lesson plans for the next month and had a blast watching my kids play. They are at this moment upstairs in the same room, supposedly sleeping, but I hear things that tell me other wise :) I have been sitting here enjoying my time at home. Sometimes I get caught up in the business of getting ready for school and getting the kids ready and to school that I forget to enjoy the little things. The laughter over cereal, oatmeal or eggs. The cute way they get ready in the morning and the drive to school. I cannot wait for spring break and summer to come!

I am at the moment praying for a job a the school that Caleb attends and where Ian will go next year. I want to be closer and on the same schedule as they are. I am looking at going down to the elementary level and regular ed. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to teach the kids I do, but it can become draining as you deal with one behavior problem after another (especially if you get bit during a restraint!) and the paperwork is not a hoot either! If you will please keep that in your prayers.

Well the noises I now hear tell me that there is more than sleeping going on and I probably should go investigate.


Anonymous said...

Sorry you are not feeling well.

The Blessed One said...

It's so cool to see updates from you! I'm sorry you felt bad, but I'm glad you had some time to yourself and the kids. I know what you mean about restrains, biting, defending yourself, and then the never ending, always getting bigger pile of paperwork that comes along with that mess. And I'm just a nurse!!!! LOL :0) I will keep you and your job request in my prayers. I know it would help you out being closer to your kiddos. Love you. Glad you're feeling better.