Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Organizing and Such

Well we are home today due to the amazing snowflakes that fell earlier and the slushy stuff underneath. :) Makes this momma and her children happy. At the moment, the 3 rugrats are enjoying some hot chocolate and a good movie while snuggled under the blankets. Me, I am updating and will get some cleaning and the rest of the Christmas decorations put away....yes you read that right, I said Christmas. I know- it is sad!

I have been re-designing in my head for the last year, things that I want to do around our home. We have now been in it for a little over 2 years, folks. We loved it when we moved in, and to be honest- I didn't want to paint. I knew I would be getting Riley out of the crib soon and we would be doing her room then, and the boys.....well, I had NO CLUE what I wanted to do in there and they both had such different ideas. So we have left it all as is. Since we had to repair Riley's ceiling from the AC leaking, now is the time to get started!

So now that it is the first of the year. I have set goals for getting things done: Decorating, re-arranging, organizing, painting, and all that jazz. I have been searching sites and such to get it all in and try to find the best tools for a decent amount. Now this will be a long process as we do it all slow and a few things each month. But I have made my list and can't wait to get started.

One of the first things we will do are the kids rooms. We are going to paint and get some storage in there. Matt and I will be building storage units that we will attach to the walls in the kids rooms. We are also going to re-do the kids closets so it will be easier for them to put their own clothing away. I am SO pumped to get it done.

We plan on painting other rooms and possibly re-arranging furniture. I would LOVE to re-do our kitchen someday (and we have huge plans if we stay in the house for a long time), but till then, I plan on organizing the space as best I can. I found these really cool kitchen storage racks over at Vanilla Joy and I am so pumped to maybe do this over the summer! If you go here it will take you to the Shelf Reliance home page. They have huge systems, that if I ever get a pantry that would be so nice to have. they also have smaller systems that fit into your cabinets. The thing that I think is cool about this is that, the system helps keep you from using the stuff you just bought rather that the older cans. To me this sounds great since i have been known here lately to forget to put the new stuff in the back if I am in a hurry.

Anyway, I'm sure this post has not been to interesting to many of you, but sometimes it helps to get my thoughts down. Do any of you have tried and true storage systems that work in your home? If so- let me know- I would love to see what everyone is doing, and maybe steal your ideas! :)


Lezlie said...

Sounds like you guys are having a fun, productive day. Can't wait to see pictures of your newly decorated rooms, when they are finished. I would love to see what you do with RIley's room in particular. I have no idea how I am going to do Addy's "big girl" room once we get to that point.s

TexasNeals said...

Hey, I'm never sure where to respond to question comments? :)
Anyway, our grocery budget isn't super strict b/c we shop at wal-mart and there are so many other things there that i need most weeks. i keep it under $140 a week and do my best to keep the food part as close to $100 as possible. i don't get much prepackaged stuff and i think that really helps keep the cost down. anyway, it's hard. i used to love to grocery shop, now i dread it! :) how about y'all?