Saturday, April 04, 2009

An Evening of "Firsts"

My brave little man
Didn't effect him that much!
having to cut his shirt off to get it over the cast
Caleb's lips and chin
the good looking one
The morning after- looks like he got in a fight!
Ian's x-ray- smooshed bone is at top of wrist where it looks wide
Special breakfast that I made this morning for my hurtin' boys

Well, as you can tell from the pictures, we had a very busy Friday evening. We started out playing outside- Matt mowing, I'm weeding, Caleb riding his bike and Ian and Riley are playing together. Well, Caleb rode through a puddle and when he turned quickly, the tires skidded out from under him and he went face first into the driveway. His lip started swelling immediately, and there was a ton of blood and we were unsure what damage there was. We all came inside, got the bleeding to stop and tried to reduce the swelling. I called the on-call nurses and they called back and told us unless he showed signs of a concussion or if his teeth went through the outside of his lip. Fortunately they didn't, but the inside is pretty messed up. Well, while I am on the phone with the nurse, all of a sudden Ian starts screaming and Riley is yelling for help. Matt takes off running as the nurse asks me is everyone is ok. I told her my husband was checking and she told us to call back if we needed to. Well, all we can get out of Ian is that his arm is hurting. Matt told me then that he thought that it might be broken. Once we got him down stairs we saw it was swelling and he was not calming down, so we decided to take him to the ER. In between getting him downstairs and heading to the ER, we found out that he was climbing the ladder to the bunk beds and slipped, fell backwards and tried to catch himself. So he landed pretty hard on his wrist. All the way to the ER he is crying and I cannot comfort him, I can't hold his hand since the one that is broken is the only one I can reach. I was fighting not crying, just because there was nothing I could do. But I am so thankful that we are close to an amazing ER! Not kidding- once we got there we were in and out with in a hour. They were so nice and the x-ray tech let Ian see his x-rays and even got to take print outs home with us. The kind of break he has is common for his age- since the bones are still soft, they just squished down. It still hurts but there is less healing time and it heals well. So we are so thankful for that. He will have to wear the splint/cast for 4 weeks and then we will see from there. He is pretty sad that he can't play baseball, but I am just thankful it wasn't more serious. Caleb is still playing- in fact we are leaving for a game right now!


Corrie said...

Wow! What a night! I am glad they are both doing ok now.

Bowsman Family said...

Poor boys! And poor Mom (and Dad too:)). I'm glad they're both okay and hope you don't have ANY more nights like that!

Melissa said...

I have to give you props for remaining so calm. I think I would have been panicking more than the kids, but then again, moms seem to have a super power of being able to stay calm and cool in these situations. I hope that the healing and recovery for both boys goes smoothly!

Regina said...

What are the odds of two accidents happening in one night?? Sounds like your boys were troopers, and I'm glad you didn't have to go too far to the ER. Thanks for leaving such a sweet compliment on my blog recently. Riley is quite a doll too. Love the pics of her in front of the window.

TexasNeals said...

oh my word! bless you heart! so glad they are ok!!! scarey.

hey, i didn't want you to think that i was ignoring you about the bread recipe. i will definately give it to you, but was afraid that it would sound intimidating so i was planning on doing a post. if you're anxious to go ahead w/ it i'm happy to send you the recipe, otherwise i'll post pictures and how-to. :)

Kann said...

WOW! Poor MOM! I keep waiting for this kinda thing at our house!