Saturday, April 04, 2009

Little Miss

I had the opportunity to get some shots of Riley one Saturday. I think it was the weekend before we returned to school. Matt had taken one of the boys to practice and Riley was standing by the wondow watching them leave. She was playing,dancing and just enjoying her moment. I got caught near the end taking pictures, and was asked to stop. :) Here are the photos I got. There are a few that the heater is blowing her hair and it looks so neat. She is growing so fast- 3 going on 16.

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Michelle said...

You are absolutely amazing with your camera! Every one of those pictures looks professional. You have always been good at capturing pics of your kids. Just look at your hallway upstairs! You are always welcome to come stay at our house and take pictures of the girls if you want! :)
I am so sorry to hear of the boys getting hurt! What a crazy evening you guys had! It looks like they are in much better spirits now. We love you guys.