Monday, August 03, 2009

THE first day of school!!!!

*Ian and his teacher Mrs. Jernagan
*Siting at his table (her room is a beach theme, so they colored Hawaiian shirts)
*Best shot of all 3 this morning. (I have to work on getting Caleb to open his eyes- I had so much trouble with that when I was his age!)
* Ian wanted a special picture with just Riley- they may fight like cats and dogs, but they truly love each other!

Well- Today was the official start of school! The boys were so excited- I went to wake them up and all I said was "Good Morning!!! It is the first day of school!" and they were at the stairs before I even realized it!! :) Once we got to school, Caleb joined the 1st graders in the gym. Ian, Riley and I sat near the Kindergarten side. When they told us to head to the room, I went over and told Caleb that I would take Ian to class and then go to his to get a picture. He politely told me that he didn't want me to and he really wanted to go by himself (insert knife!). Do being the good mommy that I am, I cried and begged to get just one picture (really I just asked again) but was refused. So I hugged my BIG boy and let him to on his way. (sniff) We got to Ian's room and His teacher Mrs. Jernagan was there and said there was a message on the board. So I read it to Ian and he did as he was supposed to (put lunch box up and hang back pack up) then he sat down to color his picture. I managed to convince him to get a picture with his teacher, and then he patted me on the shoulder and said "Mommy, time for you to get to class". And that was it. No long hugs (on his part) and no worries. We hugged and I told him I would pick him up at Mrs. Sabrina's (she runs the learning center there and was Ian's pre-k teacher 2 years ago- they have phase in days this week).....and he said "bye" and continued coloring. that was it...bye. That's all!! So again, I was the good mommy, and smiled though the tears that were threatening to pour out of my eyes, got Riley in the car and drove safely (well...we drove fast since I still had to make it to my school on time) to school, where Riley went in with out so much as a bye, hug or kiss. When did they become such little adults???? But I got a huge hug from each as I picked them up and I heard all about their days. So I know, they are in good hands and that they did miss me and were excited to see me. I just wish they didn't grow up so fast!!


The Blessed One said...

Ugh!!! The tears!! I'm crying right now jut reading about it. i can't imagine how you pulled it off!!! AJ is only 3 and I'm already looking into schools for him and worrying about all of that! Isn't it amazing how you raise them to be independant and then when they actually are, it breaks your heart. Only a mommy's heart right? I'm glad all 3 had a great day and mommy got all her hugs upon pick up. How did your day go though? How is your class? Miss you girl.

Chad and Lindsey Eason said...

Well, just keep telling yourself that you've got an infant on the way so you can cherish that baby stage all over again!!! Isn't it amazing how LITTLE they can look in those pictures, but then how BIG they can act when it comes to the first day of school?! I hope your day went well!

Michelle said...

That is wonderful that they did so well. I am sure that makes it easier on you, though I know it is never REALLY easy. They are really growing up so fast. Thank you for posting the pics of your beautiful/handsome children. :) We love you guys!