Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day 2 (Part 2): Putt Putt Golf

After we hiked to Laurel Falls and had our Picnic, we decided to go out to eat and then play some Putt Putt. The kids were so excited! We found a Mexican restaurant (a staple with the Clement clan) and then hit a mountain side putt putt place. It was so much fun. we enjoyed the good food and good company, and then walked through Gatlinburg to the Putt Putt place. The kids picked out the ball and went to town. The boys had played before, but this was Riley's first time playing. She did really well and the boys did too. They all had a great time. The only issue we had was if your ball got a way (bounced out) it was a LONG way down and we lost 3 at the end :) Apparently it happens quiet often, but we managed to finish the last 2 holes with out any issues. I think Matt and I tied, and we quit keeping score with the kids about half way through ;)

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