Friday, October 16, 2009

Gatlinburg Day 2 (Part 1): Laurel Falls

On our second day there, the weather was amazing and we took advantage of it! We decided to go hiking for the day. we headed up into the smokies, but due to the fact that the bears were out in full force, we sat in traffic for a LONG time. We decided to turn around and hit some of the smaller trails. we decided to hike up to Laurel falls. It was a good hike (a little over a mile one way) and the kids had a blast! Riley kept pace with Matt the whole way up and down. The kids had a blast and really enjoyed being out doors. Once we got to the falls we had a great time enjoying the clean scent, and amazing views that God created. I did good- keeping a steady (but slower) pace. I made sure that I took breaks (for those of you concerned that I am hiking at 23 weeks :)) We took some photos of the falls and then Matt took the kids down the side of the mountain, further down from the falls to get a closer view. I would have gone too if I had been allowed (Matt told me no). After we hiked back to the car, we went to a picnic area and let the kids enjoy getting a little closer to the river. After lunch the men hiked to a little school house, while Rebecca, Riley and I drove up there. Riley hiked back with them, and we headed back to the cabin to get cleaned up for our evening. (the kids were wet from slipping into the falls little pools and then playing (or wading for some) into the river to explore) :)

Part 2 of day 2 next.....

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