Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Riley's birthday is coming up (I CANNOT believe she will be 4!) and since Lee and Linda will not be in town they decided to go ahead and get her a birthday present. Riley has been wanting a big girl bike for a while and we thought we would start looking at them. Since she was wanting one and they have gotten each of the boys a toddler bike, they went ahead and got Riley her first big girl bike. It is a princess bike with all the frills and she loves it! We went ahead and got her a helmet for part of her present from us. Since it was rainy and cool we let the kids ride in the garage and they had a blast. While we were in the store she learned to ride it (push the pedals) so once she got home she was a pro. Now her biggest trick is that she will stand up to pedal like the boys and her daddy. :)

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Michelle said...

Thank you for all the wonderful posts! I check your blog all the time, so if just for me... keep posting! I love to see your kids pics and I am no so good at checking facebook. Congratualations on the new little boy! We always kidded about Matt making his own football team, it is funny that it is true! LOL. We miss you guys and love you. Happy early birthday Riley! Allie would love to come have a playdate with you when we pass through for some girl time. :)