Monday, October 05, 2009

Ultrasound Photos

Well, for those that do not know (if we are friends on FB- then you know) we are having another boy! Riley was devastated. She wanted a little sister so badly. We took her to the ultrasound apt since she is at school with me. When the technician said it is a boy, the look on Riley's face made me want to cry! The boys were so excited, and Riley is coming around to it. She cried for about half an hour after the apt, and Matt and I are trying to get her to understand that being Daddy's only princess is a good thing, and she can still help and teach the baby so much. Each day she is getting better about it. After she was done crying, she was asking about play dates with other girls, and I told her that we could do that, but then she started crying since we apparently don't know how to get to any of their houses. I assured her that I could find out :) The next morning everyone could tell what we were having by the look on her face. When I asked if she was feeling better about it, She told me that she would rather not talk about it. That is my girl for ya.

We are excited to have another little boy- the hard part is going to be figuring out a name. I have some ideas I am toying with at this moment. We should have one picked out by the time we bring him home

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