Monday, October 05, 2009

Updates coming soon

I know there can't be many of you who read this anymore since I am a TERRIBLE blogger, but I am going to do some updates soon. I have pictures to post and things to document on here for me. We are on fall break and I hope to get lots of things done. I have bread rising, and hopefully will get these 4 loaves in the oven soon, then I can start on the cinnamon raisin bread. I am baking today and tomorrow, get my freezer stocked and getting my bags of meals ready for the upcoming weeks.

I have a goal that by the time the baby comes, I would like to have a months worth of bread, muffins and waffles in the freezer, and at least 2 weeks worth of meals that I can pull out any day to have for dinner. We will see....I have plenty of time.

Look for posts and pictures starting tomorrow- have tons of time to catch up on!

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