Thursday, November 12, 2009

Halloween 2009

My biker, princess and hunter :)
Going to Mr. Rays house (I have been told that we have to decorate like him next year)

Aren't they just cute??
One of the kids favorite houses.

We did a short round this year since it was pretty chilly. We have a route that we goon and hit about 3 major streets with the culdisacks. We have several houses that go all out. there is one that the kids are always excited about, but once we get there are totally freaked out with. It can be really scary, but they do real good when small kids come up as not to scare them. They got a huge Haul that I am planning on cleaning out here soon and taking it to my classroom as reward picks. They are already planning on their costumes for next year. I think I may try to make them next year, if we can decide early on what they want to be.

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