Saturday, December 12, 2009

Start of my favorite Season

My favorite season has arrived! Christmas is my favorite Holiday and Winter has to be my favorite season. The cold weather, the ice/snow (if it comes this way) the time spent with family, near and far. I love seeing the joy on my children's faces as Christmas eve rolls around. I love seeing all the decorations and having a fire going. I love spending the evenings watching Christmas movies (no matter how cheesy). I love telling the Christmas story and talking about why we celebrate this time of year. I also enjoy telling people Merry Christmas. We pulled out the decorations a few weekends ago and had a blast getting it all up. Since we were out of town for Thanksgiving we were not able to decorate that weekend, but we did a little each night till we got it done. I decorated the top of the tree with our breakables and sentimental ornaments and then each kid got a pile to put on the bottom of the tree. they had so much fun and so did I.
We have one week till we get out for Christmas and we are SUPER excited. The kids will be visiting both sets of grandparents over the break, so I will have a ton of time to get everything somewhat ready for the baby. I can also get all the cleaning done that I have been waiting to do. And I get to spend some one on one time with my hubs and I am so grateful for that.


Michelle said...

I am always amazed at the beautiful moments you capture with your camera. :)

Regina said...

Love that picture! Your home looks awesome, and the kids around the tree - priceless!! Thanks for adding me as a reader!