Monday, March 01, 2010


Well...there will not be any pictures of the kids- I know- you are dying to see some. Those will come tomorrow :) This post is so eloquently titled due to the fact that I have so many things just running around in my head. Concerns and frustrations. I figured - it's my blog- I am getting them out! :)

Some of you have never experienced what I am about to talk about....and yes I am jealous of you!! With each of my pregnancies (sans Riley's) I gained weight. Not just the recommended weight but some extra. I am not one of those people who loose it nursing, or that it just melts off of. I struggle with this. After each pregnancy I manage to loose some of the weight, but not all- the result you ask? After 4 pregnancies I have some unwanted weight that is really bumming me out. I look at my reflection and cringe. Am I ugly? I don't think so by any means. There is just more "curves" to me now. Would I take them away in exchange for never having my children? Heck no! I would take it all again to have each one of my precious babies. It just stinks to have such a different body now. I have never made my health a priority. Family, husband and kids and everything else has always come before that. Not that I am complaining- I like it that way- I truly enjoy taking care of my family. But I need to do better for me, so that I can take care of them. Hence the reason for this post. I am quickly approaching the 6 week mark where I can begin exercising. My goal is to become healthy. If I don't loose any weight, I will be ok with that. But I want to make it a goal to start off eating healthy, and eating less. I Also want to make it a priority to exercise at least 2-3 times a week to start off with. Whether it is walking for 20-30 min, or jogging. I think it will give me clarity in my mind and heart and also will help me to become physically fit and healthy for my family. I am posting it to help me be accountable. To have it remind me what I hope to accomplish. Ont he side bar I will have a ticker that will help count down the number of pounds I aim to loose as well. Hopefully the daily reminder will help me keep on track.

So if you back some yummy brownies, don;t tell me till I am able to handle it :) Keep the GS cookies to yourself and remind me when i do some therapeutic baking to send it all to work with Matt. :)


Kimmie said...

idk if you have a wii fit but mine has helped me alot. I enjoy the exercises and I can do it at home when its convenient for me. It keeps track of my weight and the exercises I do, etc.

Marie said...

We don't but I have heard good things about it. I started to go price it and see what it all is about. Thanks for letting me know....I may have to go browse next week :)