Friday, March 19, 2010

Time to Renew

Today is the day that I will be "released" to exercise. Now I have been doing way more than I should since I left Room 217 at Summit Med Ctr., but this marks the day that my honest to goodness exercise and healthy eating regimen begins.

So as I begin to renew my body physically, I will be working on renewing my heart as well. Making sure that I am taking the time to spend time in his word, in prayer and in praise. Not only with my time but with the kids and with Matt. I don't want a day to go by that I don't take care of me and my spiritual journey. I want to make sure that He is my priority.

Today also marks the day that says I have 3 weeks till i should be returning back to work. I say should because I gave myself 3 weeks of "security time". I can still take up to 3 weeks of leave. I may use one of those weeks. I would love to go back to school that first week in May and only have 4 weeks till the end. But we will see. I can do anything for 7 weeks, but I am just not sure if I am ready to leave him :) We will see.

Pictures are coming- I have to get them off the camera. I have been trying to catch Jaidens smile and his pouty face that he makes when he is about to cry or is startled (I LOVE that face). I also have some of the bigger kids that I can't wait to showcase! They are growing so fast and I wish time would pause and let me enjoy this time that we are in... but every time I ask them to stop growing??? They tell me God won't let them :)

Oh one very funny thing that Caleb said recently... As some of you know, Caleb can on occasion have issues with using the restroom. We have meds for it, but when he eats too much dairy, he gets stopped up. I asked him the other night if he needed to go, and he told me no. So I did the mommy thing and double checked. He replied, " Mom if you prayed and asked God right now I am sure he would tell you that I don't have to go". Smart kid....what do you reply to that one??

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